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Play ‘Mystery Word’ to develop vocabulary

Think of a Mystery Word. Develop clues to solve the Mystery Word in the following way. This can be done in one game session or over the course of five days, with each step given one day at a time until the word is figured out.

  1. Give the first letter, part of speech, and number of letters.
  2. Name synonyms for the Mystery Word.
  3. Name antonyms for the Mystery Word.
  4. Provide a sentence that the Mystery Word makes sense in.
  5. Review the clues for the Mystery Word. Once the word is figured out by the student,he or she needs to use the word in a sentence.


  1. The Mystery Word is an eleven-letter adjective that begins with the letter “s”.
  2. The Mystery Word is similar to striking, wonderful, impressive, and amazing.
  3. The Mystery Word is not similar to normal, ordinary, or regular.
  4. The Mystery Word makes sense in this sentence: a. We saw a ___________ production of The Lion King while we were on vacation in New York City.
  5. First Letter: s; adjective; 11 letters; synonyms are striking, wonderful, impressive, and amazing; antonyms are normal, ordinary, or regular; review sample sentence. Mystery Word is “Spectacular.” Sample sentence: “We enjoyed the spectacular fireworks display at the town celebration.”

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