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Virtual field trips to U.S. government agencies

Virtual tours of government buildings and grounds include stories about American history and its heroes, architecture and art. We periodically update out lists of virtual field trips as part of our remote learning program, CHC Connect. These tours can inform students’ classwork, give them new ideas and inspire their imagination.

The United States Capitol Complex Visit here to see where Congress meets to  make laws. Embedded in stunning, 360-degree images are details about paintings, sculptures, monuments and architectural elements that make the Capitol Rotunda, National Statuary Hall, Library of Congress and many important Congressional caucus rooms extraordinarily beautiful. You can also visit here to learn more about Architect of the Capitol, where people have worked around the clock every day of the year since 1793 to take care of these buildings and grounds so important to our country.

NASA Glenn Research Center. Leave it to the scientists and engineers working for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration to produce a cool compilation of virtual tours that you can visit here. You can see a supersonic wind tunnel, an icing research tunnel, and also check out the center’s Propulsion Systems Laboratory.

Glenn Research Center

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