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10 tips for successful summer learning

Kids hardly ever volunteer this information, but deep down, they know it’s true: they appreciate structure, accountability and rewards for work well done. Here are 10 tips for helping your student make the most of remote learning, especially during the summer months, and to enjoy a sense of accomplishment.

1. Students do best when working in a quiet area of the home with minimal distractions.

2. Students do best when there is supervision and accountability.

3. Students should not have mobile phones with them during “school.”

4. Following a schedule, developed with the student’s input, helps the student be productive.

5. Encourage drinking water and eating healthy snacks.

6. Encourage getting some fresh air and/or taking stretch breaks together outside.

7. Before the day begins, create a checklist, and prioritize the work that needs to be done that day, and reiterate what needs to be completed before the end of the week.

8. When tasks are completed and submitted, revisit the checklist together and remove items.

9. Reward your student. Consider spending time together, or arranging a with an online visit with a CHC classmate. During dinner, discuss the biggest lessons learned from the day, and praise the student for completion of assignments.

10. Continue learning through family games and reading together in the evenings.

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