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CHC installing germ-killing UV-C lights in all classrooms

To mitigate risks associated with COVID-19 and improve the health of our learning environments for years to come, Cherry Hills Christian School soon will install germ-killing ultraviolet lights in all classrooms.

First and foremost, we are grateful to God for the resources He has provided us to move forward with the installation and maintenance of these infection-control devices, which have been used worldwide since the 1930s. From the start, UV-C lights have improved indoor environmental quality primarily in hospitals, laboratories and corporate settings. However, in more recent years, their use has expanded to schools, universities, childcare centers, gymnasiums, restaurants — and countless other environments where infectious agents exist.

Ultraviolet light in the 254-mm germicidal C-band wavelength (UV-C) kills all known microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, molds, spores and other pathogens — including those immune to antibiotics, commonly called “superbugs.” UV-C helps fight infectious illnesses, such as influenza, the common cold and tuberculosis.

CHC’s new Germicidal UV-C lights will be upper-air, wall and corner units. These systems work by creating a germ-fighting zone within the upper region of most any space — typically 7 or more feet above ground. For example, as air circulates in a classroom because of mechanical air drafts or people moving around, airborne, infectious agents are lifted into that zone, where they are exposed to the UV-C light and killed. UV-C lamps are also effective fighters of airborne pathogens transmitted through coughing or sneezing.

Upper-Air Germicidal UV-C fixtures are a safe option for decontaminating the air and are designed and intended to operate in occupied spaces, making them ideal for the classroom environment. The new UV-C units will help CHC year ‘round and long after the COVID-19 pandemic has subsided. It is our hope and expectation that they will improve air quality and prevent the spread of illness.

CHC hopes to have the new lights installed before the start of school and will provide updates as new information is available.

Prevention and Planning 2020-21

Cherry Hills Christian School is planning and preparing for a wonderful 2020-21 academic year! We invite you to learn more about our plans for schooling during times of communicable illness outbreak and our commitment to maintaining a healthy and illness-free environment through increased focus on hygiene and cleanliness.

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