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CHC takes student leadership to new heights

Through two new and innovative program offerings, Cherry Hills Christian School is helping students of  The Upper School develop leadership skills and grow in who they are as leaders. 

The first opportunity is the Grade 8 elective Leadership Class, taught by Todd Lanting, who arrived on Faculty in 2019 after serving as a head of school, lead pastor of a church, executive director of a nonprofit organization and as a trial attorney at a Denver law practice. Students enrolled in this class will study and practice biblically-based, fundamental leadership principles and skills using a variety of resources and methods. 

The second opportunity for leadership skills development is CHC’s new L.E.O.S. program — as in Lead, Equip, Organize and Serve. It is a fresh approach to student leadership development. The L.E.O.S. program is designed to transcend the popularity contests that so often pervade student council elections, and help young leaders have more direct and positive impact on our school community. Our L.E.O.S. are Grade 8 students who will work alongside a staff mentor throughout the academic year to learn new skills and stand at the helm of five committees composed of student representatives in Grades 4-8. Together, they will focus on advancing and assisting CHC in five key areas: 

  • Student Life 
  • Missions 
  • Chapel 
  • Hospitality 
  • Prayer
  • Publicity and Communications 

Grade 8 L.E.O.S. will meet regularly with a mentor, with each other as a leadership group, and with their committee members to guide and implement the activities for the area in which they serve.  A L.E.O. functions as an ambassador of the student body to plan, promote and support activities designed to encourage the social, physical, and spiritual development of all CHC students.   

In the spring, CHC’s inaugural L.E.O.S. completed applications detailing their capacity and desire to lead and their relationship with the Lord. Each of the applicants also secured a Faculty member’s recommendation and completed an online interview with CHC administrators and Faculty members. Using the application, reference letter and online interview, the selection committee engaged in discussion and prayer to choose from among 25 applicants seven L.E.O.S. for the 2020-21 academic year. Their names will be announced at the start of the school year.

Students in Grades 4-7 who wish to serve as a student representative on a L.E.O.S. committee may apply for consideration in August through CHC’s Spiritual Life Department and will receive details after school begins. Four students from each grade level will be selected based on their applications and Faculty member recommendation. Eight Grade 8 students from among the L.E.O.S. applicants already have been chosen to serve as student representatives.

L.E.O.S. Program

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