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Job Opening: Senior Accountant

by | Dec 11, 2020 | Employment Opportunities

The Senior Accountant is committed to Cherry Hills Christian’s mission to awaken the educational experience by preparing students to live fully for God in a rapidly changing world, knowing they are His masterpieces, uniquely designed for His purpose where students experience the following:

Alive hearts as they grow in depth and understanding in their relationship with Christ.

Anchored souls that receive the love of Christ and find their identity as His masterpiece with unique strengths, skills and callings.

Academically prepared minds as they lead as lifelong learners, each maximally equipped for their next steps.

Abiding strength that produces the fruit of faith as they live healthy and well-balanced lives devoted to Christ.


Model a growing and vibrant relationship with Christ

  • Model a Growing and Vibrant Relationship with Christ
  • Pursue full devotion to Christ and live the life we are inviting others to live
  • Manifest the fruit of the Spirit in work habits and relationships
  • Pursue spiritual growth through community and daily devotions
  • Embody other-centered, servant-leadership in all interactions

Demonstrate commitment to Cherry Hills Christian School

  • Be an active, engaged member of the school community
  • Attend and serve at school-wide, all-hands-on-deck events (Examples: Meet & Greet, Back to School Night, Open Houses, etc.)
  • Accept and uphold CHC’s Essentials of Faith

Support the Director of Finance and Manage Accounting Functions, including AP/AR, End of Month, Banking and Cash Management.

  • Complete job tasks in an accurate and timely manner.
  • Serve as the administrator for school systems, including Great Plains, Avid, Pushpay and FACTS Tuition Management.
  • Manage user access and permissions, maintain chart of accounts, process automation and system upgrades and ensure modifications are maintained through Great Plains.
  • Oversee the flow and accuracy of data from Tuition Management and Accounts Payable systems to Great Plains.
  • Oversee and execute bank reconciliations and serve as the administrator for the banking CEO portal, bank transfers, accounts and signature cards.
  • Assist the Director of Finance in the yearly budget projections and creation as needed.

Facilitate and Implement Financial Reporting, Internal Controls and Statutory Compliance.

  • Issue timely and complete financial statements.
  • Prepare monthly financial reports.
  • Manage and prepare the distribution of monthly budget reports and coordinate the preparation of the corporate annual report.
  • Ensure compliance with local, state and federal regulatory agencies reporting requirements and tax filings.
  • Ensure internal compliance with internal controls and department procedures and maintain a system of controls over accounting transactions.
  • Study existing and new legislative requirements and be prepared to advise management and enforce adherence.

Manage and Oversee the Annual Audit Process

  • Coordinate the provision of information and documentation to external auditors for the annual audit.
  • Collaborate with external auditors and manage the financial audit deliverables.

Ensure Accurate, Timely Response to Communication Requests

  • Approach others in a tactful manner and react well under pressure.
  • Treat others with respect and consideration regardless of their status or position.
  • Manage email, voicemail and communication requests in a timely, thorough manner.
  • Build trust by maintaining confidence of information.
  • Respond to all communication with professionalism, discretion and a service orientation.

Demonstrate a Commitment to Growth

  • Receive and apply training and development from the Director of Finance.
  • Attend department and all-staff meetings.

Model servant leadership and exhibit a helpful, joyful attitude

Use Analytical skills to synthesize complex or diverse information; collect and research data; use intuition and experience to complement data; design work flows and procedures.

Perform Other Duties and Tasks as Assigned


Thriving, Flourishing School: Evidenced by High/Stable Retention Rate and Goals Set in Strategic Plan



Administrative Responsibilities Completed in a Timely, Accurate Manner


Well-Executed Logistics Resulting in Great Experience for Teachers, Staff, Students and Parents


Effective Child Safety and Security: 100% faculty and staff trained and 100% adherence to safety policies


Director of Finance: He/she will be expected to be coachable, available and responsive while striving for a healthy Christ-like relationship characterized by love, truth and unity. He/she learns from and is responsive to the Director of Finance in all areas of school vision and direction. The Senior Accountant should comply in a godly and humble manner with all efforts from the Director of Finance to train, equip and develop him/her as a staff member.

Student Accounts Administrator: The Senior Accountant should collaborate with the Student Accounts Administrator, serving as a resource and encouragement to them and partnering with them effectively to achieve maximum impact. The Senior Accountants efforts, both professionally and spiritually, must be in alignment with the Student Accounts Administrator.

Directors, Teachers and Staff: The Senior Accountant should embody and exhibit servant leadership in all interactions with team members, envisioning, equipping, and empowering them to make the greatest impact possible for students and families.

Students and Parents: The Senior Accountant should embody and exhibit servant leadership in all interactions with children and parents, seeking to serve, support, and reflect the love of Christ to and for them.

Spiritual Gifts

God equips every Christ-follower with spiritual gifts to serve and strengthen the body of Christ and to partner with Him in the advancement of His kingdom.

The following spiritual gifts are recommended for this role: Leadership, Administration, Knowledge, and Wisdom.


Builds Effective Teams: An effective team-builder blends people into teams when needed; creates strong morale and spirit in his/her team; shares wins and successes; fosters open dialogue; lets people finish and be responsible for their work; defines success in terms of the whole team; creates a feeling of belonging in the team.

Process Management: An individual who is skilled at process management is good at figuring out the processes necessary to get things done; knows how to organize people and activities; understands how to separate and combine tasks into efficient workflow; knows
what to measure and how to measure it; can see opportunities for synergy and integration where others can’t; can simplify complex processes; and gets more out of fewer resources.

Informing: An individual who is skilled at informing provides the information people need to know to do their jobs and to feel good about being a member of the team, unit, and/or the organization; provides individuals information so that they can make accurate decisions; is timely with information.

Customer Focus: A person with a customer focus is dedicated to meeting the expectations and requirements of customers (internal and external); uses customer information and feedback for improvements in products and services; acts with customers in mind; and establishes and maintains effective relationships with customers.

Planning: An individual who is skilled at planning accurately scopes out length and difficulty of tasks and projects; sets objectives and goals; breaks down work into the process steps; develops schedules and task/people assignments; anticipates and adjusts for problems and roadblocks; measures performance against goals; evaluates results.


  • A growing and evident commitment to Jesus Christ and a Biblical lifestyle that exhibits conduct consistent with CHC’s Essentials of Faith
  • Bachelor’s degree in accounting required
  • A minimum of 5 years of business accounting experience and progressively responsible experience
  • Hands on general ledger experience required
  • Great Plains experience preferred
  • Non-profit and educational organization experience highly preferred
  • Preference will be given to candidates with Certified Public Accountant or Certified Management Accountant designations

POSITION TYPE: Full-time, Exempt


SUPERVISOR: Director of Finance

Join the CHC Team

To be considered for this position, please provide a resume, a cover letter that includes your personal statement of faith and details any experience you have with technology, and a copy of your transcripts if applicable. 

Please scan all documents and email to applychcs@chcc.org. Please note that job candidates must pass all background/reference check requirements successfully.

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