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Job opening: School Bus Driver

by | Jan 1, 2021 | Employment Opportunities

The School Bus Driver is committed to honoring Christ by safely transporting students and passengers to and from field trips, sport events, mission trips and retreats, and any other off-site, school-related activities. CHC takes pride in its positive work environment, which values all of its team members. School Bus Drivers always are accompanied by a member of the Faculty and/or Staff, so student management is at a minimum. This position reports directly to the Head of School. Work hours in a week may vary, and on-call availability is required.


Model a growing and vibrant relationship with Christ

  • Pursue full devotion to Christ and live the life we are inviting others to live
  • Manifest the fruit of the Spirit in work habits and relationships
  • Pursue spiritual growth through community and daily devotions
  • Embody other-centered, servant-leadership in all interactions

Demonstrate commitment to Cherry Hills Christian School

Be an active, engaged member of the CHC school community. 

Uphold a safe environment

  • Obey all traffic laws
  • Perform inspections of the bus before and after each route
  • Ensure safety of all students
  • Assist students with getting on and off the bus when required
  • Ensure the school bus is cleaned and well maintained

Cultivate positive relationships with children and families

  • Connect relationally and build rapport with children and staff/adults
  • Assist students with loading and unloading the bus
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Pray for the children and families you serve

Ensure accurate and timely transports and driving requests

  • Carry out assigned routes on time
  • Manage email, voicemail and communication requests in a timely, thorough manner
  • Respond to all communication with professionalism, discretion and a service orientation

Model servant leadership and exhibit a helpful, joyful attitude

Partner with the Administrative Staff to plan and deliver safe transportation services for our Preschool-Grade 8  students


Administrative responsibilities completed in a timely, accurate manner

Well-executed logistics resulting in great experiences for teachers, students and parents

Effective child safety and security
100% faculty and staff trained and 100% adherence to safety policies


Head of School: The School Bus Driver reports directly to the Head of School. He/she will be expected to be coachable, available and responsive while striving for a healthy Christ-like relationship characterized by love, truth and unity. The School Bus Driver should comply in a godly and humble manner with all efforts from the Head of School to evaluate, train, equip and develop him/her as a staff member.

Administrative Staff: The School Bus Driver should collaborate with other Administrative Staff to book and confirm travel arrangements needed. Administrative Staff will serve as a resource and partner with the School Bus Driver to ensure safety of all passengers during trips. Administrative Staff will also assist the School Bus Driver with route-specific details.

Teachers and Teacher Assistants The School Bus Driver should embody and exhibit great rapport with all Teachers and TAs and be open to communication and interactions during transports.

Children and Parents: The School Bus Driver should embody and exhibit servant leadership in all interactions with children and parents, seeking to serve, support, and reflect the love of Christ to and for them.

Spiritual Gifts

God equips every Christ-follower with spiritual gifts to serve and strengthen the body of Christ and to partner with Him in the advancement of His kingdom.

The following spiritual gifts are recommended for this role: Service, Wisdom, Knowledge and Discernment.


Commitment: Cherry Hills Christian School employees demonstrate a commitment to the CHC Mission and Vision.

Professional Excellence: Cherry Hills Christian School employees model professional excellence because they are qualified in their area of expertise, committed to continual improvement and intentionally engage others with an attitude of excellent customer service.

Organizing: An individual who is skilled at organizing can marshal resources (people, funding, material or support) effectively and efficiently, orchestrate multiple activities at once to accomplish a goal, and arrange information and resources in a useful manner.

Planning: An individual who is skilled at planning accurately scopes out length and difficulty of routes; sets objectives and goals; breaks down work into the process steps; develops schedules and task/people assignments; anticipates and adjusts for problems and roadblocks; measures performance against goals; and evaluates results.


  • As a community with a shared statement of faith, an active, intentional and embodied Christian faith is essential.
  • High School diploma or GED
  • Class B CDL License required
  • Current DOT Medical Card
  • Experience driving a school bus preferred
  • Clean driving record and criminal background check
  • Ability to drive long distances, as needed

Join the CHC Team

To be considered for this position, please provide a resume, a cover letter that includes your personal statement of faith and details any experience you have with technology, and a copy of your transcripts if applicable.

Please scan all documents and email to applychcs@chclions.org. Please note that job candidates must pass all background/reference check requirements successfully.

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