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Preschool student supplies

by | May 19, 2021 | Resources, The Preschool

We join parents worldwide in marveling at how much it can take in a day to care for a little one. To help ensure the protection and comfort of all of our Preschoolers, we request the following materials and supplies be sent with each student to class:

Learning materials

CHC will provide all learning materials needed in the classroom as financed by the annual $110 Registration Fee.

Personal clothing, linens and supplies

Each day, a student of The Preschool should have:

  • A backpack with a complete change of clothes, including socks and shoes.
  • Clothing appropriate for weather, such as a hat when it is sunny and boots when it is rainy or snowy.
  • Diapers labeled with the child’s name if he/she is enrolled in The Preschool 2 program.
  • A water bottle, healthy lunch and afternoon snack if participating in a full day of programs.
  • A towel or crib sheet and a blanket, or a nap roll, for rest time.

(Photo by Sharon Mccutcheon via Unsplash.com)

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