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Welcome to Heart at CHC: Growing in relationship with Christ

Our Portrait of a Graduate is beautiful to see in the making and a masterpiece to behold the day a student graduates from Grade 8, prepared for high school and grounded in the first steps of a lifelong walk with Jesus Christ.

Cherry Hills Christian School partners with parents to shape and promote their child’s flourishing by
focusing on four main elements of every Portrait of a Graduate: Heart, Soul, Mind and Strength.

     Introducing Heart at CHC

    When it comes to Heart, this question is at the forefront of our Faculty and Staff’s instruction and interactions with students: Is this child’s heart alive, growing in depth and understanding in their relationship with Christ? To answer with a resounding, “Yes!” we walk alongside every student, year after year, to help him or her:

    • Grow in depth and understanding in personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
    • Grow in the rooted identity of an image bearer of God.
    • Seek to share the love of Jesus Christ with others and see them through His eyes.

    To foster Heart at CHC, students are immersed in Biblical worldview as found in Scripture through all aspects of our school and at all times, including:

    • All classes, including daily Bible class. By examining scripture and their own lives, our students learn that God pursues all people, and they are challenged to develop practices of connecting with Him and serving others.
    • Weekly Chapel services. This is an essential time for presenting the Gospel of Christ and biblical instruction about life and Christian identity.
    • Life Groups. These single-sex groups, led by an Upper School faculty member, meet weekly so students can connect directly to support each other, foster a closer relationship with a teacher and discuss in a safe place various life lessons.
    • Mission Trips. We express our gratitude and faithfulness to God through service to others.
    • Student Retreats. CHC brings students together in worship and service to others to spread joy throughout many communities — and the world.

    Promoting Heart at CHC

    We call our generous givers Legacy Builders, and we invite them — CHC parents, friends, alumni and other donors — to support and advance our mission and vision through giving that is aligned with their unique passions, interests and giftedness.

    Legacy Builders who wish to promote Alive Hearts at CHC support:

    • Tuition Assistance
    • Mission Programs
    • Student Retreats
    • Chapel and Bible Teaching

    They might also volunteer to be part of our Mission Week and Chapel programs.

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    Thank you for supporting Cherry Hills Christian School's efforts to help students be fully known, fully loved and fully His -- heart, soul, mind and strength.


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