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Cherry Hills Christian School

Welcome to Soul at CHC: Missions, Athletics, Clubs & Community Events

Our Portrait of a Graduate is beautiful to see in the making and a masterpiece to behold the day a student graduates from Grade 8, prepared for high school and grounded in the first steps of a lifelong walk with Jesus Christ. Cherry Hills Christian School partners with parents to shape and promote their child’s flourishing by focusing on four main elements of every Portrait of a Graduate: Heart, Soul, Mind and Strength.

Introducing Soul at CHC

When it comes to Soul, this question is at the forefront of our Faculty and Staff’s instruction and interactions with students: Are these children’s souls anchored in the knowledge that God has created them to be His unique masterpieces? To help each student internalize this profoundly important understanding, CHC teams with Parents to produce and facilitate a variety of events throughout the year that are specifically designed to help the entire CHC community live as loved children of God, confident in the unique strengths, skills and calling with which He has blessed each of us. Through our shared efforts, we seek to help all CHC students:
  • Acknowledge they are God’s masterpieces, each designed for His purpose;
  • Have awareness of their strengths and a humble dependence on the Holy Spirit in areas for growth;
  • Honor, value, respect and serve God and others in all they do.
To kindle Soul at CHC, our students are immersed in Biblical worldview as found in Scripture through all aspects of our school and at all times, including:
  • Athletics. Our students learn the importance of viewing their health holistically and through the lenses of spiritual, physical and mental fitness — and the character that makes outstanding athletes and team players.
  • Parent University. CHC partners with ministries, community leaders and an array of nonprofit agencies to provide parents resources, classes and seminars centered around timely topics.
  • Signature Events. CHC is always up to something special. Our Signature Events help define our warm and welcoming culture, build our vibrant community and enhance the student and family experience.

Promoting Soul at CHC

We call our generous givers Legacy Builders, and we invite them — CHC parents, friends, alumni and other donors — to support and advance our mission and vision through giving that is aligned with their unique passions, interests and giftedness. Legacy Builders who wish to promote Anchored Souls help students gain confidence, discover their God-given gifts and talents and develop skills they need to serve God and seek His purpose for their life. They focus on support for:
  • Academic Services
  • Athletics
  • Extracurricular Activities
  • Signature Events
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