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Welcome to Mind at CHC: Personalized Instruction with a Biblical Worldview

Our Portrait of a Graduate is beautiful to see in the making and a masterpiece to behold the day a student graduates from Grade 8, prepared for high school and grounded in the first steps of a lifelong walk with Jesus Christ. Cherry Hills Christian School partners with parents to shape and promote their child’s flourishing by focusing on four main elements of every Portrait of a Graduate: Heart, Soul, Mind and Strength.

Introducing Mind at CHC

When it comes to Mind, this question is at the forefront of our Faculty and Staff’s instruction and interactions with students: Is this child’s mind academically prepared, inquisitive and challenged?

To help our students be equipped for their next step, CHC helps them:

  • Master core academic disciplines and prepare for the next level of learning;
  • Interact and engage in learning;
  • Recognize the importance and value of being a lifelong, inquisitive learner;
  • Embrace the authority of Scripture as the blueprint for daily life.

To ignite the mind at CHC, we foster a culture of continuous improvement driven by our Faculty and Staff’s collective inquiry, innovative instructional practices, and learning-centered assessments and grading practices. Our curriculum encourages students to scrutinize evidence of their learning, challenge their thinking, and forge new understandings. Our students also are immersed in Biblical worldview as found in Scripture through all aspects of our school and at all times. We provide:

Personalized Instruction. Every student in Kindergarten through Grade 8 receives individual attention from their teachers, who are adept at customizing learning approaches and lesson plans for students who need extra support and those who demonstrate a need for additional academic challenge.

Cherry Hills Academic Services (CHAS). The mission of CHAS is to serve our students by providing support services that address individual academic needs and equip them to be all that God created them to be.

The Technology Program. Through courses in coding, computing, media production, robotics and design thinking, we seek to expose our students in three years to as many different aspects of technology as possible to ignite their interest in pursuing technology in high school. CHC also helps students develop biblical discernment about the use of technology as it intersects with the life of a Christ follower.

Promoting Mind at CHC

We call our generous givers Legacy Builders, and we invite them — CHC parents, friends, alumni and other donors — to support and advance our mission and vision through giving that is aligned with their unique passions, interests and giftedness.

Legacy Builders who wish to promote Mind at CHC help students gain confidence, discover their God-given gifts and talents and develop skills they need to serve God and seek His purpose for their life. They focus on support for Curriculum, Technology and Instructional Resources. They might make donations of their financial resources and time and connect CHC students and their families to compelling and expert guest speakers, school field trips and travel opportunities.

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Thank you for supporting Cherry Hills Christian School's efforts to help students be fully known, fully loved and fully His -- heart, soul, mind and strength.


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