Our Graduates

Alive Heart

Growing in depth and understanding in their relationship with Christ

  • Growing in personal relationship with Jesus
  • Growing in the rooted identity of an image bearer of God
  • Seeking to share the love of Jesus with others
    and seeing them through His eyes

Anchored Soul

Living as a loved child of God with unique strengths, skills and callings

  • Acknowledges they are God’s masterpiece, designed for His purpose
  • Humble and aware of strengths and areas for growth; dependent on the Holy Spirit
  • Honors, values, respects and serves God and others in all they do

Academically Prepared Mind

Leading as lifelong learners, equipped for their next step

  • Masters core academic disciplines and is prepared for the next level of learning
  • Interacts and engages in learning; recognizes the importance and value of being a lifelong, inquisitive learner
  • Embraces the authority of Scripture as the blueprint for daily life

Abiding Strength

Producing good fruit out of an abiding relationship with God

  • Embraces and continuously develops joy for life
  • Engages in reflective practices and biblical conflict management
  • Practices a balanced and healthy lifestyle through self-care and self-discipline

Our Portrait of a Graduate is a beautiful snapshot of what we’re aiming for at CHC. Like our Mission Statement, each one of the areas within the Portrait of a Graduate serves as a check and balance with our students. Are their hearts alive, growing in depth and understanding in their relationship with Christ? Are our students living with anchored souls, knowing they are God’s unique masterpieces? Are their minds academically prepared, inquisitive and challenged? Are they producing good fruit because they have abiding strength in the Lord?

Our Faculty and Staff are committed to these questions being at the forefront of their instruction and interactions with students. As parents, we can take a deep breath, knowing we are partnering with faithful Christians who are pouring into our kids in heart, soul, mind and strength.

That is a beautiful picture of the Body of Christ.

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