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Academic Services
We are all divine masterpieces with unique learning needs. CHC is committed to helping students find success in their learning.

Because students learn differently

CHC works every day to meet all of our students’ unique learning needs. Every student in Kindergarten through Grade 8 receives individual attention from their teachers, who are adept at customizing learning approaches and lesson plans. Our Academic Services provide support inside and outside the classroom for Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 8 students who need extra assistance or more academic challenges.

Intervention through small-group and one-on-one teaching, testing, tutoring and educational therapy are conducted by qualified staff and give CHC teachers more opportunities to know and love each student. Our collaborative Response to Intervention process involves teachers, parents and students working together to problem solve, set goals and determine if further help is needed. CHC also meets all students’ unique learning needs by providing a dedicated WIN (What I Need) Period for individual study and support.

Here are the additional Academic Services CHC provides.

CHC's commitment to helping all students learn is extraordinary

We don’t just talk about inclusion. We embrace and embody it. For nearly 40 years, our school has welcomed students with a wide range of learning abilities and interests. We welcome questions about all of the fantastic educational support services we offer.

Accommodations Planning & Implementation

If a student is identified with health or learning challenges, CHC Academic Services staff members work alongside teachers to develop and implement individualized accommodations and modifications  to support learning for that student. 


This early-intervention program is for students in Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 1 who need stimulation and development of basic, foundational skills of perceptual readiness (visual, auditory, visual-motor, directionality) before, and in addition to, formal reading instruction.

All CHC Kindergarten students are given a SEARCH scan during the first quarter of the academic year. “Search” is a tool that helps identify possible perceptual difficulties in visual, auditory and tactile areas. For students who qualify, developmental readiness activities — called TEACH Tasks — are personalized for their unique needs and to enhance their learning experience.

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Kid with arms crossed reading a book

Discovery Educational Therapy

This program is designed to help students in Grades 2-8 who have documented learning disabilities. Discovery is based on a model of intervention developed by the National Institute for Learning Development, which is endorsed and accredited by leading educators and experts in the field of education, including the International Dyslexia Association. An additional fee applies.

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C.H.E.E.R & C.H.I.L.L.

Cherry Hills Enrichment Reading (CHEER) for students in Kindergarten-Grade 5 and Cherry Hills Intermediate Language Learning (CHILL) for students in Grades 6-8 are designed specifically to help students strengthen their reading, writing, spelling and understanding of language structure. These interactive, multi sensory programs are facilitated in small-group settings. 


Students in Kindergarten through Grade 8 who need an additional academic challenge are invited into small-group breakout sessions in their classrooms for creative, hands-on learning and critical thinking to explore a subject of specific interest. These small groups also strengthen skills in core academic areas.

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Homework Club

Students in Grades 2-8 meet after school in a small-group setting to receive support specifically focused on homework completion. Additional fees apply.

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Linked Learners

This student-led club meets quarterly as a community of learners who come together to discuss how we learn, how we’re created uniquely to learn and how we can all support and celebrate each other’s learning differences. 

Tutoring & Academic Coaching

Students in Grades 2-8 receive additional academic support that typically focuses on completion of school work and provides guidance for organization of time and assignments. For students having specific challenges with visual-motor performance in the classroom or for those who enroll after Grade 2 without previous cursive writing instruction, we offer Rhythmic Writing & Handwriting Instruction. CHC teachers typically refer students they observe having difficulties in these specific areas. Additional fees apply.

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Customized Learning Plans

When students need a mix of services, customized learning plans can be created to best support their individualized needs. Additional fees apply. 

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Math LAB & Math Support

Students in Grades 6-8 meet in small-group settings to receive additional teaching and support with math assignments. A CHC Learning Specialist offers support as needed to students in Kindergarten through Grade 5. 

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