Academic Services

Because students learn differently

CHC works every day to meet all of our students’ unique learning needs. Every student in Kindergarten through Grade 8 receives individual attention from their teachers, who are adept at customizing learning approaches and lesson plans.

Our Academic Services (CHAS) provide support inside and outside the classroom for Preschool through Grade 8 students who need extra assistance or more academic challenges. The mission of CHAS is to serve our students by providing support services that address individual academic needs and equip them to be all that God created them to be 

Cherry Hills Academic Services are for all students, Preschool through Grade 8, and include:

CHC's commitment to helping all students learn is extraordinary

We don’t just talk about inclusion. We embrace and embody it. For nearly 40 years, our school has welcomed students with a wide range of learning abilities and interests. We welcome questions about all of the fantastic educational support services we offer.

Response to Intervention (RtI) Process

CHC’s collaborative RtI Process involves a team approach that includes teachers, parents and learning specialists working together to problem solve, set goals and determine where further help may be needed. Additional academic intervention to help the student reach the identified goals may occur in the classroom, in a small group or one-on-one with a Learning Specialist at CHC and with a parent who is assisting at home. 

Learning Specialists 

Learning Specialists meet with students in Preschool, Lower School and Upper School to provide explicit, systematic, targeted and multi sensory approaches to learning designed to support CHC’s curriculum and specialty impact reading, writing, spelling and mathematics. Learning Specialists also provide coaching with executive functioning skills for students. 


Accommodations and Modifications: Planning & Implementation

 For students with diagnosed health and learning challenges. 


This early intervention program is for students (PreK through Grade 1) who need stimulation and development of the basic foundational skills of perceptual readiness (visual, auditory, visual-motor, directionality) prior to and in addition to formal reading instruction. All Kindergarten students are given the SEARCH© scan during the first quarter of school. This is the early identification portion of SEARCH & TEACH©. For students who qualify, Developmental Readiness Activities, called TEACH Tasks, are personalized for each child’s unique needs.    

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Explore is for high achieving K-Grade 8 students who demonstrate a need for additional academic challenge in our school. They partner with our Explore Learning Specialist to deepen and extend their learning experience in various ways. 

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Homework Club

Students in Grades 2-8 meet in small groups with a CHC Learning Specialist to focus on homework completion. 

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Throughout the school year, a CHC Tutor can provide academic support with class assignments and guidance for organization of time and materials for students in all grades. Summer tutoring is available in June and July as part of CHC’s Summer Learning Program. 

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Contact Information

For further information regarding Academic Services offered at CHC, please contact Academic Services Coordinator Susan Garretson.


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Math Support

The Lower School and Upper School Learning Specialists offer math support, as needed, for K-8 students.  
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