Summer Learning

CHC makes learning fun and engaging all year. Our Summer Learning Program is optional — but it’s a great option included with the cost of tuition for Kindergarten through Grade 8 students. 

This special program created by CHC Faculty members is seamlessly aligned with our curriculum to help ensure students’ academic preparedness and grade-level readiness when they begin the next school year. Summer learning also encourages students to pursue their special interests, and it provides them with some structure they and their parents often appreciate.

To complete our Summer Learning Program courses, returning students can access their next year’s “Rising Course” in Canvas for anytime, anywhere access to instruction and enrichment activities focused primarily on Literacy and Math.

Summer Reading Requirements for Students of The Upper School

Each summer, students in Grades 6-8 are challenged to enrich their lives through reading. They select two books of their choice. To help them choose well, our Langauge Arts Faculty members have assembled lists of recommended reading.

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