The Visual Arts Program

The Cherry Hills Christian School Art Program is based on a unique combination of The National Visual Art Standards and Brain-based learning with an emphasis on biblical worldview.

The program’s overarching goal is to nurture individual creativity while encouraging students to be part of a positive community, where art is created to honor God in an intellectually safe, yet challenging, environment. The curriculum is aligned with CHC’s Portrait of a Graduate to develop heart, soul, mind and strength and to promote a culture of creativity that activates curiosity and problem-solving skills through the arts.

The program’s elective art courses include:

The Creative Art Course

This is the powerhouse of the CHC Visual Arts Program. All grades are offered this course as a semester-long elective designed to inspire creativity. Students work in a studio setting to produce art that reflects critical thinking and sound craftsmanship. They learn to think out of the box and use-brainstorming skills as they are introduced to new ways of approaching art materials and techniques using traditional and non-traditional methods. A variety of art media, graphics, photography, computer-generated elements, design and collage are presented for students to create art with the goal of problem solving. Upon completion of this course students will be able to make new connections to the outside world and understand the importance of their creative, problem-solving skills.

From CHC's Visual Arts Program
Mixed Media

Art Exploratory

This course gives students in Grade 6 a hands-on experience that introduces them to the seven elements of art and the seven principles of design in addition to basic color theory. Lessons also introduce students to art history and expose them to art techniques, Bible journaling/Worship Art.

CHC Student Worship Art


Two consecutive courses introduce students to design thinking. Technology is highly emphasized as students become familiar with Adobe software applications used for designing on Apple iPads. In design, students are introduced to the psychology of color, 3-D modeling, theatre prop design, and personal logo design. Students in the advanced course also are challenged to innovate and solve problems creatively for the benefit of the school community.

CHC Student Art Project
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