Athletics & Wellness

At Cherry Hills Christian School, students learn the importance of viewing their health holistically and through the lenses of spiritual, physical and mental fitness — and the character that makes outstanding athletes and team players.

Spiritual Life

We are committed to helping students see God in everything and reach for Him at all times. We invite you to learn more about the spiritual growth we promote and shepherd throughout a K-8 career at CHC. 


Physical Fitness

This core subject in the Lower and Upper Schools is when students are challenged to willingly step out of their comfort zones to move, laugh and play hard! We strive to help them grow in confidence to accept physical and mental challenges with integrity. We help them establish strong team-building skills and value play that is creative, competitive, fair and honorable. We help them understand how self-care in the forms of nutrition, sleep, exercise, character development, stretching and strength conditioning is vital. 


CHC Sports

When they step onto the court or field, CHC Lions are prepared to play well and with fairness and integrity. Students of The Upper School may participate in several sports throughout the academic year. Please contact the Athletic Director, Cheryl Ballard, with any questions. 

Fall (August-Early October): Registration is in early August

  • Co-Ed Golf
  • Girls’ Volleyball
  • Co-Ed Cross Country
  • Co-Ed Tennis


  • Boys Basketball: Season runs mid-October – mid-December, registration is in early October
  • Girls Basketball: Season run January – early March, registration is in early December 


  • Girls Soccer: Season runs mid-March – early May, registration is in early March
  • Boys Volleyball: Season runs mid-March – early May, registration is in early March

Counseling and Mental Health

Focusing on the whole child, social emotional development is equally as important as physical fitness. Faculty members use our R.O.A.R. Behavior Plan to lead and guide student accountability for their own behavior management. Our school polices and procedures are developmentally appropriate and biblically based to come alongside and shepherd a child’s heart. Teachers are well trained and have a high level of administrative support in all areas related to student behavior. Additionally, CHC provides dedicated and certified student counselors for The Lower and Upper Schools. These mental health professionals provide support for students whose needs go beyond academics.

Specialized mental health resources and referrals

Dr. Christian Thurstone is the proud father of a CHC Lion alumnus and world-recognized psychiatrist certified in general, child and adolescent and addiction psychiatry. As director of Behavioral Health Services at Denver Health and a professor of psychiatry at the University of Colorado School of Medicine, he has founded and assists with school-based mental healthcare at more than a dozen Denver public schools — and at CHC. Dr. Thurstone collaborates with CHC counselors, nurses and administrators to provide students and their families mental health resources. He also meets with CHC families to provide referrals for additional medical treatment.


Sheriff's Deputy Simon, our dedicated SRO

Safety fosters health and wellness

We’re committed to maintaining a secure campus, where the physical, social and emotional safety of each student is a high priority. Helping children feel safe protects their health and makes them more likely to engage fully in their learning 

Security and Building Operations

CHC has a dedicated, on-site Director of Facilities OperationsSchool Resource Officer, and Maintenance Coordinator who monitor our campus each full school day. Our security officer, building operations specialists and administrators collaborate regularly with the Douglas County fire, police and sheriff’s departments to exchange information and seek guidance to modify security plans as appropriate. Working as members of our Operations Department, the security officer and facilities staff also assist with all emergency drills. Emergency procedures are posted in every room on campus and are room-specific. In addition, the procedures are contained in an emergency book located in each classroom.

Facility hygiene and illness prevention

We exercise great care and protection for our students, families, Faculty and Staff when a communicable illness outbreak is present. Our operations during these times are administered with a mindset of love over fear and potential kingdom impact over negative operational impact. Our rigorous disinfection and sanitation protocols are best practices that meet the highest levels of cleanliness. They include use of new technologies; individual use of school supplies; individual desks in every classroom; storage of personal belongings in individual, sealed containers; routine hand washing; increased numbers of hand sanitizer dispensers; and regular, deep cleanings. Please review our plans and preparations for maintaining daily school operations.

Nursing care

CHC is privileged to provide excellent nursing care during school hours so teachers can concentrate on teaching. Our two school nurses — who are experienced first responders — are also wonderful resources for staff and parents. They provide training for care, answer questions related to specific health conditions, promote prevention care and manage day-to-day and chronic health needs for our students. In addition to caring for students in our health clinic, CHC nurses maintain all health and immunization records and Individual Health Care Plans.

Trained staff

Our Faculty and Staff have been trained appropriately to handle various emergency situations. All staff are required to be certified in use of Cardio Pulmonary Resucitation (CPR), First Aid, Epi-Pen and Automatic Electronic Defibrilation (AED). They also receive regular background checks.


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