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To help everyone get off to a successful start at Cherry Hills Christian School, we provide this checklist to complete. We update this list annually. Please review deadlines carefully, and direct questions to the CHC contact listed. 

Be familiar with CHC management tools

Pick up and drop off essential items

All CHC parents should have the following:

  • Carpool number(s) for student pickup and a map for navigating our parking lot for student drop-off and pick-up. For a 2020-21 number assignment, please contact Director of School Operations Patty Carvill. Information about 2021-22 number assignments and student pick-up and drop-off will be released in 2021.
  • A school-issued parent badge. Returning parents are given a small sticker to update their badge for the current academic year. New parents receive their badge during our annual New Parent Orientation. For a 2020-21 parent badge, please contact CHC’s Front Desk at (303) 791-5500 to schedule an appointment. Information about 2021-22 badges will be provided in 2021.  

If applicable, drop off student medications. CHC collects all student medications before the first day of class. Please check all medications’ expiration dates, and provide only those that are current. Ensure all Epi Pens and prescription medications have a pharmacy-generated label and all over-the-counter medications are clearly labeled with the student’s name. Provide two Epi Pens — one for the classroom, the other for the student clinic. Please contact CHC School Nurse Johanna Simpson with questions. Information about student medication drop-off during the 2021-22 academic year will be released in 2021.

Review and submit all required student health and safety forms

We ask parents to complete and submit this information by Aug. 1 each year:

  • CHC Parent/Student Handbook. Please log into your Magnus account, and review and submit this form, confirming your family is in agreement.
  • Student Health Verification Form. Please log into your Magnus account to complete this form, which is required before any student is permitted to attend class.
  • Student Transportation Form. If applicable, please log into your Magnus account, and complete this form to permit your Upper School student to walk/bike to and from campus.

Cover the CHC fashion bases

Review the CHC All-School Uniform Standards. Information about CHC clothing orders for the 2021-22 academic year will be released in 2021. 

Have school supplies ready to go

  • Visit here for a list of supplies for your Preschool student.
  • Visit here to order school supplies online for your Kindergarten-Grade 8 student.
  • Parents of Kindergarten-Grade 8 students should submit the CHC iPad Acceptable Use Contractacknowledging CHC’s iPad usage expectations and requirements. Also review the Digital Citizenship Pledge your student will take at the start of the school year and the list of iPad-related tools with which he or she will be entrusted.
  • For a school-approved iPad case and keyboards, please purchase one of the following: Brydge 9.7 or Zagg

Plan for lunchtime and snacks

Our food services through Wholesome Foods are suspended temporarily. Parents are expected to provide healthy lunches and snacks for their students each day. For security purposes, we cannot allow online dining services, such as Door Dash and Uber Eats, to deliver to students during school hours. Information will be updated as circumstances change.

If applicable, register for Before and After Care

You can register today. This program’s policies are detailed in CHC’s Parent/Student Handbook, which is found in Magnus. Please contact The Preschool Office Manager Lanena Magrini with questions.  

Download important dates from our calendar

You can download and print our full school calendar of events or sync it with all of your devices by visiting our “Events” calendar here

Connect with the CHC community

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