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Our leadership teams are rich with expertise in strategic organizational growth, pedagogy, curriculum development, and the integration of biblical worldview and education. They also are dedicated to serving God by providing CHC students and their families excellent Christian education.

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Adrie KeesenTeacher Assistant, Grade 2Read profile
Allison McKeelTeacher Assistant, P3Read profile
Anna KimTeacher, P3Read profile
Ashlyn BuftonTeacher, Grade 5Read profile
Aubrey DetersTeacher, Grade 5Read profile
Barbara HoymanTeacher AssistantRead profile
Bill BrownSocial Studies Teacher, Grades 6 and 8Read profile
Caitlin SmallParent Council: SecretaryRead profile
Carey BaileySpiritual Life Director for The Upper SchoolRead profile
Carey HolmBible Teacher, Grade 7Read profile
Cecil WilliamsScience and Math Teacher, Grades 6 and 7Read profile
Cheryl BallardCHC Athletic Director/Physical Education Teacher, Grades 6, 7 and 8Read profile
Chris AllisonBoard MemberRead profile
Chris BenschoterTechnology Teacher, Grades 6, 7 and 8Read profile
Christian MinnerStudent Accounts AdministratorRead profile
Christy GardnerLearning SpecialistRead profile
Cindy HoilandTeacher Assistant, P4Read profile
Constanza BrotfeldTeacher Assistant, P4Read profile
David KerrSocial Studies Teacher, Grades 6 and 7Read profile
Deb WilsonSTEAM Teacher, Grades K-8Read profile
Dwight HazletonFacilities CoordinatorRead profile
Elizabeth HogueLearning SpecialistRead profile
Erin MayParent Council: TreasurerRead profile
Gisele ConnArt and Spanish Teacher, Grades 6, 7 and 8Read profile
Hayden FrenchBoard MemberRead profile
Heather NaumovitzCounselor of The Upper SchoolRead profile
Jamie ScottParent Council - Co-PresidentRead profile
Jessica ReidCounselor for The Lower SchoolRead profile
Jill StrongLanguage Arts Teacher, Grade 6 and 7Read profile
Jillian JereleTeacher, KindergartenRead profile
Jim HendricksBoard MemberRead profile
Jim HuntMath Teacher, Grades 6 and 7Read profile
Johanna SimpsonNurseRead profile
Joy CadmanRegistrarRead profile
Karen BeckerTeacher Assistant, P4Read profile
Karen HeckmanTeacher, Grade 8Read profile
Karen O’ConnorMusic TeacherRead profile
Kati MeltonHead of SchoolRead profile
Katie Propst-GrahamBoard MemberRead profile
Kelley GearyTeacher, Grade 2Read profile
Ketty EslaminiaTeacher Assistant, P4Read profile
Kim SnyderDirector of The PreschoolRead profile
Kimmy StevensPhysical Education and Library/Media SpecialistRead profile
Kris HollenbackCoordinator of Curriculum and InstructionRead profile
Kristen AndersonTeacher, Grade 1Read profile
Kristen GrayTeacher Assistant, P4Read profile
Kristi HardestyTeacher, P4Read profile
Lance BallerBoard MemberRead profile
Lanena MagriniOffice Manager for The PreschoolRead profile
Lauran MitchellAfter-Care Teacher AssistantRead profile
Lisa KrantzLanguage Arts Teacher, Grades 7 and 8Read profile
Lisa LomickaTeacher, P3Read profile
Lisa ReeseSpiritual Life Director for The Lower SchoolRead profile
Liz McClellandHuman Resources ManagerRead profile
Lorie LeeBoard MemberRead profile
Marianne GodinezTeacher, Grade 3Read profile
Marissa MullinsNurseRead profile
Marsha AndersonEnrichment TeacherRead profile
Mary JoyceDirector of The Lower SchoolRead profile
Megan CarpenterTeacher, Grade 4Read profile
Melissa KnightTeacher, Grade 5Read profile
Michelle PlatzerTeacher AssistantRead profile
Michelle SommersTeacher, Grade 1Read profile
Mike ScheidDirector of TechnologyRead profile
Morgan ReidTeacher, KindergartenRead profile
Nathan HynumMusic and Spanish Teacher, Grades 6, 7 and 8Read profile
Nichole SnyderBoard MemberRead profile
Nikki LongTeacherRead profile
Pam DyerTeacher, KindergartenRead profile
Patty CarvillDirector of School OperationsRead profile
Rebecca MillerSenior AccountantRead profile
Rhonda BreukerTeacher, P4Read profile
Sandy ErvineDirector of Business Operations and FinanceRead profile
Sandy HuntTeacher, P2Read profile
Sean AtchisonTeacher, Grade 4Read profile
Shana PetersonTeacher Assistant, P4Read profile
Shannon BurchamBoard MemberRead profile
Shannon HavekostDirector of Communications and MarketingRead profile
Shawn HardegreeArt TeacherRead profile
Sheá GoodwinTeacher, Grade 2Read profile
Shelby ShepardPreschool Music TeacherRead profile
Shelley KellamTeacher, After Care LeadRead profile
Simon SasiaSchool Resource OfficerRead profile
Stafie ParkerDirector of Enrollment and EngagementRead profile
Susan GarretsonAcademic Services CoordinatorRead profile
Tammie BloodTeacher, Grade 3Read profile
Tammie MartellaTeacher, Pre-KindergartenRead profile
Theresa HillExecutive Assistant to the Head of SchoolRead profile
Todd LantingInterim Director of The Upper SchoolRead profile
Vanessa MitchellParent Council: Co-PresidentRead profile
Yumiko OliverMath Teacher, Grades 7 and 8Read profile