The Technology Program

The Cherry Hills Christian School Technology Program uses a curriculum created by the CHC Technology Department following ISTE Standards of Students.

The program’s overarching goal is to expose students in three years to as many different aspects of technology as possible to ignite their interest in pursuing technology in high school. This program also helps students develop biblical discernment about the use of technology as it intersects with the life of a Christ follower.

The program’s elective tech courses include:


Students in Grade 6 work in a Microsoft Windows environment to improve their typing skills, learn the basics of Microsoft Word and Excel, try digital animation, and investigate topics related to Internet safety and acceptable uses of computers.

Media Production

Students learn the basics of digital media by creating 3D models, a worship video, a Lego stop motion, and a public service announcement. 


In this introduction to Computer Science, students learn the basics of computing systems, the different parts of a computer, what algorithms are and how to create one. They also learn programming basics using Scratch, Swift Playgrounds, and Python, and they are introduced to physical computing using the BBC Micro:Bit Card.


Based on the Carnegie Mellon University Robotics Engineering Curriculum, this course teaches students to work in engineering teams to design, build, program, and test robots that are used to solve problems. Students use Lego EV3 for Education robotics kits. 

STEAM & Design Thinking

This course incorporating curriculum from Stanford University’s School of Design challenges students to use science, technology, engineering, math and design to solve real-world problems. Each class selects a problem that it also develops a 3D, printed object to solve. Students inform their peers about their work with the development of a public service announcement they produce using skills learned during Media Production.

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