Our Community

Fostering a Strong Community for Student Growth and Learning

Cherry Hills Christian School values the partnership between parents, the school, and the community to support and promote student development. We provide numerous opportunities for families to connect and grow together, building a sense of community and school spirit.

Parent Connect for Fellowship and Support

Every CHC parent is a part of Parent Connect, which focuses on community, fellowship, and support for all school events. Parents can volunteer to be on the executive Parent Connect team and attend meetings to get to know one another, support each other, and plan events.

Volunteer Opportunities

Parents can volunteer on campus to stay connected with other CHC families, from classroom helpers and field trip chaperones to lunchtime coordinators and Middle School dance decorators. All volunteers must undergo a background check through RAPTOR.

Parents in Prayer

Parents are invited to participate in weekly prayer sessions at CHC, where they come together for half an hour to pray for the entire school or specific grades and needs.

Parent and Family Events

Join us for various events, such as the Book Fair, Book Buddy Breakfast, Grandparents’ Day, Mission Partners, Writers’ Tea, and more, to get involved and build a sense of community.

Parent University

CHC proudly partners with ministries, community leaders, and local and state government agencies to provide resources, classes, and seminars centered around timely topics. This collaborative community encourages parents to get to know each other as they learn together.

School Fun

Students and families participate in Fun Runs, Spirit Week Events, Fall Family Night, and other exciting activities planned each year.

Performances and Special Events

Families are encouraged to attend and participate in our annual events such as; Grandparents’ Day, All-school Christmas Performance, Easter Service Celebration, Book Fair Breakfasts, Grade 1 Musical, Grade 5 Music Showcase, Middle School Dances, and many other events built to grow community and fellowship.

There are also grade-level opportunities for parents to witness their student’s learning, ranging from the Grade 5 Science Fair, King’s Kid Presentations, and the Middle School History Fair.