Used in rotation by all students, the CHC STEAM Lab is a collaborative learning space designed to give students the opportunity to utilize design processes and thinking as they solve real-world challenges and develop a deeper understanding of the integration of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math.

In this lab, students work individually and in groups to design, experiment, build, and invent. Our ISTE-based STEAM curriculum instructs students through hands-on, exploratory learning.

Combining coding, robotics, 3D designs, electronics, and technology with Makerspace Materials, students can create, test, and improve their designs to complete the assigned challenges.

Students work in a Microsoft Windows environment to improve their typing skills, learn the basics of Microsoft Word and digital animation, and investigate topics related to Internet safety and acceptable uses of computers.

Media Production
Students learn the basics of digital media by creating 3D models, Lego stop motion, iMovie, and Bulb portfolios.

Students learn the basics of computing systems, the different parts of a computer, what algorithms are, and how to create one. They also learn programming basics using Scratch, Swift Playgrounds, and Python.

Students utilize a variety of robots in classroom projects, including Sphero, Dash, Makeblock, and Lego EV3

I am so excited to have a space where students can explore their gifts and talents in a way that is different from their regular classrooms, a place to dive into the engineering design process and be innovative.


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Student iPads
Each CHC student in Grades 2 through 8 receives a school iPad that they keep with them for the school year. Kindergarten and Grade 1 students have iPads that stay in the classroom. iPads are used to enhance instruction and provide access to the Canvas platform for grades and viewing instruction online. iPads are collected at the end of each school year.

Other software used in various classes includes:

  • Personalized Math and Language Arts Learning
    CHC is partnering with iXL Learning to give students personalized learning using classroom and MAP data. Students are given goals to accomplish and get feedback in real-time with instruction that mirrors in-class instruction. Teachers are given data in real-time about student successes and areas of growth to tailor instruction to each student.
  • Music Software
    CHC music program uses the app Soundtrap to teach students the concepts of creating and mixing music. Students source existing media or create their own, then use Soundtrap to mix their own original compositions. They also explore the concepts of creating beats and vocal tuning and can even use the platform’s instruments to add their own creations.
  • Yearbook Publishing Software
    Students who participate in the Yearbook elective learn graphic design concepts using Lifetouch software to help develop the annual CHC yearbook. All students are equipped with the software on their iPads and a dedicated yearbook lab to work. Photo editing, graphic design, and copywriting are all core concepts.
  • Art Software
    Digital Art is part of our middle school art program. All students receive comprehensive training from the art teacher on a variety of platforms, but the focus is on Adobe Photoshop. The teacher introduces the concepts of digital layering in design programs and how to apply that to their own handmade creations. Students use their existing physical compositions and edit them, as well as create their own digital compositions.
  • Digital Portfolio (Powered by Bulb)
    All K- Grade 8 students receive a digital portfolio via Bulb to store their work. Students store physical and digital creations that will travel with them for their years at CHC and even a full year after they graduate. Parents can connect to this portfolio and view student creations and join in the celebration of their child’s achievement.
  • Bible Platform
    Our current Bible curriculum, DeepRoots, offers a digital platform for students to access content, songs, and videos that supplement teacher instruction. Each student has their own login and is encouraged to explore this amazing tool.