Our Campus

The CHC Campus: More than a Place to Learn

At Cherry Hills Christian School, our campus is more than just a location for children to acquire knowledge. It’s a place where parents can trust that their children will be safe, nurtured, well-educated, and ready to tackle the challenges of an ever-changing world. Our beautiful campus spans 66 acres in the heart of Highlands Ranch, a southern suburb of Denver, offering breathtaking views of the Rocky Mountains.

Check out our amazing amenities:

  • Library
  • STEAM Lab
  • Gym
  • Playgrounds

Ensuring Safety and Security at CHC

At CHC, we understand the importance of providing a secure campus for our students, staff, and faculty. We have taken every measure to create a safe environment where parents, students, and staff can feel confident. For more information on our campus safety, please visit our Health & Safety page.

Partnering with Cherry Hills Community Church

Cherry Hills Christian School is proud to be a ministry partner of Cherry Hills Community Church, one of Colorado’s largest and most active churches. Learn more about this partnership by visiting chcc.org.