CHC Parent Portal

We value clear, consistent communication and active engagement. CHC provides an array of software tools, resources, and opportunities to help parents manage their school accounts, track their student’s progress, receive alerts and updates, and connect with the larger CHC community.

Calendars & Directory

online school CALENDAR
School Calendar PDF

Logins & Technology


Review your student’s upcoming or past assignments, check grades and receive alerts for student activities.


Students can access daily instruction, view assignments and grades, and communicate with teachers.


Access your FACTS account to update student information and view financial statements.


Magnus Health is a simple, secure, web- based software for collecting and managing student health information and online forms and documents.

Technology Support
The CHC IT Department would be glad to help you set up your parent account so you can see your child’s grades and weekly lessons.

Please email, and ask for a pairing code. You will receive a set of easy-to-follow instructions.


How To Report An Absence

Parents should report their child’s absence by emailing each day they will be absent.

  • Unexcused absences include: any absence not reported. Unexcused absences keep students from receiving full credit on make- up assignments.
  • Parents are urged to schedule vacation days in conjunction with days off already built into the school calendar.
  • Parents are asked to try and schedule doctor/dental appointments during non-school hours if possible or schedule repeating appointments so that students do not consistently miss the same class.
  • Please email or call the school (before 8:00 am) when you know your child will not be coming to school. Absences are defined as follows:
  • Excused: The school is notified prior to 8:00 am on the day of the absence.
  • Unexcused: The student is absent without prior notification to the school.

Weekly & Monthly Communication

Friday News
Emailed every Friday at 3:00 pm, this newsletter contains an informative wrap-up of the week and a look ahead to the next week.

We strongly encourage you to read Friday News to stay informed about school happenings. Please contact Stafie Parker if you are not receiving school communication resources.

Alerts & Weather Updates

Keeping You in the Loop: How We’ll Keep You Up-to-Date

At CHC, keeping parents up-to-date is our top priority. To ensure you’re always informed about any developments, we’ll use the following platforms for school alerts, weather updates, delays and closings

  • Raptor
  • Text
  • Email
  • Social Media (Facebook & Instagram)
  • Local TV Stations (Channels 4, 7, 9, & 31)
  • Website Banner

Safety & Security

  • Full-Time Douglas County Resource Officer
  • Full-Time School Security Officer
  • Teacher and Staff Training
  • School Safety Team
  • Standard Response Protocol
  • Lions Watch Volunteer Team

Campus Visitors – Must check-in through the Raptor Safety Software.

Carpool/Before & After School Care

before & after school care

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Parent Community

parent connect
parents in prayer
summer playdates Coming soon!

Athletics & Clubs

athletics & clubs


cell phone policy
school lunch

Spiritual Growth & Wellness

academic services

Dress Code, School Stores & School Supplies

Dress code
dress code – FRENCH TOAST
spirit gear – Squad Locker

School Supplies

Purchase School Supplies

Support & Giving

giving / legacy builders
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