God is our Beautiful Creator and being made in His image means we are made to create! As students in Kindergarten through Grade 8 explore many different artists and their artwork, they learn about art history, elements of art, principles of design, and different cultures. Students are given the opportunity to create art if their own using different mediums such a sketching, paint, sculpting, digital art, and print making.

Performing Arts

We believe God gave us the gift of music. Whether a student grows in their appreciation of music, learns a new way to worship or refines a gift God has given them, CHC offers many ways to incorporate music into our daily lives.

Lower School students focus on learning through singing, dancing, playing instruments, listening, and analyzing. They learn musical concepts, skills, and terms by applying them in active music-making. Students also learn basic stage and acting skills. Several times during the year, students are given the opportunity to show case what they have learning by performing for an audience. We use these authentic learning experiences to focus on excellence and performance skills.

Lower School students are also able to participate in our Choir Club. This club meets weekly throughout the year and creates beautiful music together. Choir students learn how to read music, sing together, work as a team and perform. Our Choir Club performs multiple times throughout the school year.

As an elective, Middle School students can participate in show choir, musical theater, learn how to play the guitar practicing basic music chord theory and music composition. They are also introduced to music production through technology, learning the basics of Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) audio editing techniques and applying them in creating songs and podcasts.