Grateful Givers Become Legacy Builders

Each year we ask parents, alumni, grandparents, employees, and friends to participate in our annual Grateful Giving initiative by making a charitable gift to one or more of our Pillars of Impact that align with their unique passions and interests. These gifts help provide excellent Christian education for students as they lead as lifelong learners, equipped for their next step.

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Pillars of Impact

Our Pillars of Impact offer donors an opportunity to give directly to a cause they are passionate about. They are unique in their expression yet stand in support of a single purpose to advance the mission of Cherry Hills Christian School.

Commercial Kitchen


The Next Big Step is the construction of the CHC Diner, complete with a new state-of-the-art commercial kitchen, to support a healthy, nutritious lunch program for our students. 

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Tuition Assistance


Increasing the amount raised for our needs-based tuition assistance program will enable us to provide support for mission-aligned families while maximizing the impact of every tuition dollar for the day-to-day learning experience.

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Undesignated Gifts

& 5C Child Care Contribution Credit


Undesignated gifts will benefit the general school fund. Gifts designated as 5C may be eligible for a 50% tax credit on CO state income tax return.

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See our donation calculator tool that can help you see the potential benefits of giving a donation designated for the 5C Colorado Child Care Contribution Credit.

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Ways to Support CHC

We care about our school community by caring for our school families. CHC Cares supports short- and long-term needs that may arise with our school families, teachers, and staff. Parent Connect works alongside CHC family volunteeers who serve prayerfully and confidentially to support the Cherry Hills Christian community. CHC Cares’ support may include meals and referrals to local resources. Financial or tuition needs are directed to the CHC Tuition Assistance Committee.

Thank you for thinking of Cherry Hills Christian School when designating a beneficiary for the rewards many merchants give community organizations as thanks for your business with them. For example, CHC receives funds from nearby King Soopers each year because many shoppers have linked their loyalty accounts with our school. The funds we collect each year from the supermarket’s neighborhood rewards program cover some costs associated with campus security.

Follow the steps below to register your loyalty card in the Community Rewards Program and earn money for Cherry Hills Christian:

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in to your King Soopers account or create a new one.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select “King Soopers Community Rewards.”
  4. Under section 2 (Link your card to an organization), click on the word “here” in item #2.
  5. Click “enroll” or “change my organization.”
  6. In the “Find an Organization” bubble, input Cherry Hills Christian School or the code: VC542. The school will pop up, and you click “enroll.”
  7. You’re done, and your purchases are now automatically linked to benefit CHC!

Cash donations are one of the most common forms of support given to Cherry Hills Christian. Donations may be dropped in the Tuition Drop Box located school lobby or mailed. Please make checks payable to Cherry Hills Christian School, and send them to Cherry Hills Christian School Attn: Christian Minner, Student Accounts Coordinator, 3900 Grace Boulevard Highlands Ranch, CO 80126-7801

Many corporations encourage their employees to donate to their communities through United Way or other charitable organizations. It may be possible to direct your donation to our 501(c)3 organization. Check with your human resource office or look for a Gift Designation line on your enrollment form. You can fill in the Gift Designation line if your giving is directly through your payroll office.

If your giving is by direct check, you can send your matching gift form and check directly to the CHC Development Office. 501(c)3 Non-Profit Agency Name: Cherry Hills Christian School Address: 3900 Grace Blvd. Highlands Ranch, CO 80126-7801 EIN#:85-1394364

To pledge or give a gift of a stock or security, please contact Director of Finance Sandy Ervine at 303.325.8154 or

A gift in honor of a classmate, teacher, parent, or friend is a thoughtful way to recognize a special relationship. When you make such a gift, the Development Office will notify the family or honoree and acknowledge your giving. Please donate online or send a check to CHC.