Health & Safety

Security and Building Operations

CHC has a dedicated, full-time security officer and full-time School Resource Officer (SRO) in partnership with Douglas County Sheriff’s Department. The SRO works alongside our security officer and staff to keep our students safe and secure in their learning environment and supports the school by investigating events on and off campus, gathering information about school security, and working with other law enforcement agencies to keep current with school trends.

The SRO, security officer, building operations specialists, and administrators regularly collaborate with the Douglas County fire, police, and sheriff’s departments to exchange information and seek guidance to modify security plans appropriately. Our strong partnership with the security teams at Valor Christian and Cherry Hills Community Church helps keep the campuses on Grace Boulevard secure and well-prepared.

School leadership, faculty, and teachers participate in ongoing safety training, Standard Response Protocols (SRP), and regular safety drills. CHC is committed to maintaining a secure campus, where the physical, social, and emotional safety of each student is a high priority. Helping children feel safe protects their health and makes them more likely to engage fully in their learning.

Meet Our Security Team

deputy dan coyle

School Resource Officer

Deputy Dan Coyle is a dedicated Douglas County law enforcement professional with a remarkable 16-year tenure at the Sheriff’s office. With an impressive 11 years as a School Resource Officer (SRO), Dan has displayed an unwavering commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of his community’s youth. His extensive experience and dedication exemplify his role as a steadfast protector and mentor within the education system. Outside of his profession, Dan’s role as a father to two adult daughters and his marriage to his high school sweetheart underscore his values of family and commitment.

simon sasia

Security Officer

Simon was born in Torino, Italy, and served in the armed services there before moving on to Geneva, Switzerland, where he worked in safety and security for the United Nations. After leaving public service, he provided personal protection for prime ministers, presidents, and members of the world’s royal families. 
Simon moved to the United States in 2003 and continued his work in international and local security until joining CHC. He keeps a watchful eye on our campus’ security and safety in partnership with our Douglas Country Security Resourse Officer. 

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Trained Staff

Our faculty and staff have been trained appropriately to handle various medical and non-medical emergencies. All staff receive training and certification in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), First Aid, Epi-Pen, and Automatic Electronic Defibrillation (AED). They are also required to complete regular background checks and follow all mandatory reporting requirements. In addition, safety and security training and drills are done regularly.

Counseling and Mental Health

At CHC, we understand that a student’s social-emotional growth is as vital as their physical fitness. Our highly skilled teachers receive administrative support to foster positive student behavior, character development, and Biblically-based conflict resolution. Additionally, we have a dedicated, full-time school counselor who supports our students inside and outside the classroom.

Nursing Care

CHC is privileged to provide excellent full-time nursing care during school hours so teachers can concentrate on teaching. Our school nurse is an experienced first responder and serves as an excellent resource for staff and parents. Our nurse provides training for care, answers questions related to specific health conditions, promotes preventive care, and manages our students’ day-to-day and chronic health needs. In addition to caring for students in our health clinic, our CHC nurse maintains all health and immunization records and Individual Health Care Plans.

Physical Education

Physical Education at CHC has traditionally been a favorite of our students. Our Lower and Middle Schools follow the Colorado State Standards to teach and grow our students in all the different standards. Our students learn the most basic and complex skills from Kindergarten to Grade 8.

Students in Kindergarten meet weekly, and students in Lower School, Grades 1-5, meet twice weekly for teacher-directed activity focused on helping them establish team-building skills and value play that is creative, fair, and honorable.

Lower and Middle School P.E. challenges students to willingly step out of their comfort zones to move, laugh, and play hard! We strive to help them grow in confidence to accept physical and mental challenges with integrity. We help them establish solid team-building skills and value play that is creative, competitive, fair, and honorable. We help them understand how self-care in nutrition, sleep, exercise, character development, stretching, and strength conditioning is vital. In addition to P.E. classes, Lower and Middle School students have opportunities to join fall and spring sports teams.