Portrait of a Graduate

The portrait of a student graduating from CHC is painted with both finite detail and large-scale ideas in mind. The snapshot of who your child will be when they leave the Cherry Hills Christian School campus is made up of your student’s God-given talents and skills they learn. We aim to provide a foundation for our graduates to be problem-solvers, decision-makers, and lifelong learners.


Growing in depth and understanding in their relationship with Christ
  • Growing in a personal relationship with Jesus
  • Growing in the rooted identity of an image bearer of God
  • Seeking to share the love of Jesus with others and seeing them through His eyes


Living as a loved child of God with unique strengths, skills, and callings
  • Acknowledges they are God’s masterpiece, designed for His purpose
  • Humble and aware of strengths and areas for growth; dependent on the Holy Spirit
  • Honors, values, respects, and serves God and others in all they do


Leading as lifelong learners, equipped for their next step
  • Masters core academic disciplines and is prepared for the next level of learning
  • Interacts and engages in learning; recognize the importance and value of being a lifelong, inquisitive learner
  • Embraces the authority of Scripture as the blueprint for daily life


Producing good fruit out of an abiding relationship with God
  • Embraces and continuously develops a joy for life
  • Engages in reflective practices and biblical conflict management
  • Practices a balanced and healthy lifestyle through self-care and self-discipline