A Flourishing Collaboration: Cherry Hills Christian School and Musana Community Development 

At Cherry Hills Christian School, our mission is to prepare students to live fully for God in a rapidly changing world, recognizing they are His masterpieces, uniquely designed for His purpose. This means being “Fully His” in heart, soul, mind, and strength. A recent highlight of our commitment to this mission is our flourishing partnership with Musana Community Development Organization, an endeavor that beautifully illustrates our dedication to both local and global communities. 

Musana: A Beacon of Hope and Dignity 

Founded in 2008 by CHC parents Haril and Andrea Kazindra, Musana Community Development Organization is situated in Iganga, Uganda, approximately 75 miles northeast of Kampala. What began as a home for 80 neglected children has grown into a multifaceted community development organization impacting hundreds of thousands through quality healthcare, skills training, and top-tier education. 

Building Bridges: The CHC-Musana Educational Partnership 

The collaboration between CHC and Musana aims to raise awareness about sustainable solutions that offer hope and dignity to the most vulnerable. This partnership fosters community ties among students, educators, and families across continents, exemplifying our mission to prepare students to live fully for God and His purpose for their lives. 

June 2023 Visit: Deepening Connections 

In June 2023, our Head of School Kati Melton, Director of Middle School Christy Kloter, and their families visited Musana. During their trip, they engaged with classes, met with educators and leaders, and participated in Vacation Bible School. They also explored communities under development, gaining valuable insights into Musana’s transformative work. 

May 2024: Sharing Knowledge and Support 

In May 2024, a team of CHC staff, including Christy Kloter, Pam Dyer, Kim Stevens, and Lisa Krantz, traveled to Musana. Their goal was to exchange knowledge with Musana teachers, providing support and professional development for their classrooms. The team visited four Musana school campuses, interacting with teachers from Kindergarten to Grade 7 at Busei and Bukoona primary schools. They shared teaching methods from Cherry Hills Christian School, including Biblical immersion, reading strategies, and critical thinking. 

A Journey of Enrichment and Faith 

The Cherry Hills Christian teams visited Musana high schools and hospitals, met with teenage mothers, explored the Musana Empowerment Centers, conducted home visits, and engaged with local women. They also explored the town of Iganga, where the initial Musana campus is located. These enriching experiences highlighted God’s work through Musana and deepened our appreciation for Ugandan culture and Musana’s leadership. 

Looking Ahead: Strengthening Our Bond 

We are profoundly moved by the opportunity to immerse ourselves in the Ugandan culture, learn from Musana’s leadership, and enhance our partnership with this remarkable organization. This collaboration not only strengthens our educational mission but also reflects our commitment to living fully for God, fostering hope, dignity, and sustainable solutions in a rapidly changing world. 

Fully His: Embracing Our Mission 

At Cherry Hills Christian School, we believe in preparing our students to be “Fully His” in heart, soul, mind, and strength. Our partnership with Musana Community Development exemplifies this commitment, as we work together to create a brighter, more hopeful future for communities both near and far. 

For more information about Musana, please visit musana.org.