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Canvas setup for CHC Parents
With Canvas parents track their student's progress and homework assignments, communicate with teachers and find other information related to learning.
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We encourage all CHC Parents of students in Kindergarten through Grade 8 to set up their own account in Canvas. This is the learning-management system through which they will receive communications from teachers and have access to a student’s academic progress, assignments and grades.

Getting started

These are helpful things to know to ensure a smooth setup:

Use a laptop or desktop computer to set up a new account. This process does not work on a personal, mobile device. However, once an account is established, Canvas can be accessed easily from a mobile phone or tablet.

Access Canvas from a mobile device. Once an account is established, we encourage parents to access Canvas from their mobile phone and/or tablet. To do so, visit the app store that serves your mobile device(s), and download the Canvas app. To log into Canvas from your mobile device, use the same username and password you selected when setting up your account.

Keep the same account from year to year. Once an account is established, there is no need to set up another.

Setting up a new parent account

To set up a new parent account on Canvas and link it to a specific student account for observation, please follow these instructions:

  1. Create a Pairing Code to observe your student. A Pairing Code links a parent and their student in Canvas. To generate a Pairing Code, please review these instructions and these frequently asked questions on the Cavas website. Please note that a Pairing Code can be generated only from the student’s login via the Canvas website or student app. To access your student’s Canvas app, you must have the following information, which CHC sends to parents via email: a. Student User Name and b. Student Password. Once a Pairing Code is generated, please save it because it will be needed when creating a new parent account. Please note that Pairing Codes expire after seven days or their first successful use.
  2. Access the Parent login screen. To do so, please click here. The following login screen will appear. Please click on “Parent of a Canvas User? Click Here For an Account.”

3. Complete the following form. Enter the Pairing Code where prompted. Click on “Start Participating.” 

Hooray! You should be logged into Canvas and able to observe your student’s coursework. If you encounter technical difficulty, please contact us for assistance.

In the future, to retrun to the Canvas login page go to


Forgotten password To access Canvas after forgetting your password, please visit the parent login page, and click on the “Forgot Password?” link. Follow the prompts. You will receive a link via email that allows you to reset your Canvas password.


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