Over the Bridge is an honored Cherry Hills Christian School tradition for our Grade 5 students, symbolizing the start of their Middle School journey at CHC.

Thursday, May 23

8:30 – 10:00 am 

Please read over the following details and complete the RSVP before May 10.  

  • Grade 5 students should be dropped off at the normal morning drop-off time. They will begin the day in their Homeroom Class. Parents and guests can proceed to the reception following check-in.  
  • CHC siblings can attend the event. Please notify the attendance line that they will be late to school that day. You can sign them into class at the reception desk after the Over The Bridge event. 
  • All guests must have a visible Parent Badge or a valid I.D. when checking in at the front desk. Our reception begins at 8:30 am. Please account for time to check-in.  
  • Please note that there is no seating available to guests during the Over the Bridge ceremony in the School Lobby. 
  • After the Over The Bridge event, Grade 5 students will join our Middle School classes for fun and fellowship. Please have your child bring a change of clothes (athletic wear) for the Middle School fellowship time. 
  • Carpool will begin at 11:30 am. 

Over The Bridge Volunteer Opportunities  



Baby Photo Collection  

We are collecting baby photos of our Grade 5 students for a special presentation and would appreciate your help in helping us complete the project. Please submit a high-resolution photo (minimum 300dpi) in Jpeg or PNG format, showing only your child during their first year.

Upload your child’s photo by May 3 using the link provided to access your child’s homeroom folder. Remember to name the photo with your child’s first and last name. This project will be lots of fun for the students, so we aim for 100% participation.